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Recently came into ownership of what was a smithy


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Hello, I am the proud owner of a smithy in need of restoration. I take to the quite and private life in the backwoods. Our dear neighbor to the back of us passed away leaveing his widow and property. At the funeral I saw and inquired about the smithy that sat on the brook. I dabbled in blacksmithing while at university and took to it well enough to like it. Studying Engineering, the class touched upon metalergy and I eventualy took it up as a hobby. This is what lead me to purchase this old smithy along the brook that's used to power its water wheel. The place was a forge and foundry at one point , both being in need of restoration my plans are to do the forge first and then the foundry. I would like to keep it old school as I want to make it close to its period time.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Please put your general location in the header so we won't have to keep bugging you. We love pics in general but you have a special case so we REALLY love pics. <grin>


There is a huge amount of knowledge and experience here and most of us really enjoy good questions. I'm thinking there will be lines of guys willing to help you restore your new (OLD) smithy/foundry.


Frosty The Lucky.

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"...at university..."


Definitely either Canadian or British, I'm thinking.


Welcome aboard, we're certainly glad to have you and can't wait for photographs of this wonderful find.  Is there much of the smithy left?  Any tooling?


If it's a ramshackle building, getting it back up and running would be quite the undertaking.  Building a new water wheel certainly wouldn't be either cheap or easy.  But imagine the tales you could tell!


Post pictures with all possible speed.  TYVM.



FWIW: Mr Lockgun has not even logged into IFI since making the post.

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