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Yet another Hay-Budden Serial Number ID request

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I recently acquired my first anvil, a near perfect HB 200 lb beauty and I would love to narrow down it's age. I've researched most of the HB threads in the forum and learned that the letter A prefix dates it to after 1917 and that they went out of business somewhere around 1926.

If anyone could crack open their copy of A/A and look up S/N A19897, I would be grateful. (And I promise to post some photos after I clean her up and give her a bath!)

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Sweet man nice find I'm hopin to get a 200+ lbs trenton some day hay budden has some really cool history from what I have read in anvils in America James hay and Frederick budden started the company both being smiths they had this idea of making anvils and did it until about 1926 like you said. Anyway I'm not gonna give you a history lesson but nice find. get hot metal on that beauty as soon as possible!

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Hey guys new to this site and blacksmithing, i picked up a new anvil a few weeks ago, i believe it to be an HB but i'd really like to find out some more info (ie yr born) if i were to ever sell and it always helps to tell my wife "see i told you it was a good buy" i've looked so dont think im being lazy. only markings i found were on the front foot, ^170 A122616 i know the 170 is most likely weight. 

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