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Check out this power hammer I got to use.

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I was at the Chautauqua County Antique Equipment Association show this past weekend where they maintain and fully equiped blacksmith shop.  Went there to watch and ended up working there for two days doing demos and working on a billet for a damascus blade that I had been doing at home by hand on my anvil.  I know safety equipment is lacking here, but I did not expect to work.  On day two, I geared up with pants, boots and safety glasses.  Still forgot my ear plugs though!  If video links are OK, this is a video I uploaded to youtube...

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Looks like the top hammer/die is a anvil too!  I am sure that power hammer was a "get it done" job. Very nifty hammer. I do think it is time for a new rubber belt to hold the hammer head. Maybe also a nice light cleaning and rub down with light oil to prevent any more rust. 

I love a well working old tool that is a nice red/brown from rust and oil. 

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Beaudry made a power hammer that was very similar to that one in that the ram was suspended on a strap and round in guides. That part of the hammer is basically identical to what Beuadry did. The drive mechanism is different as I think they used a slack belt clutch. I was impressed with how quickly the  hammer stopped when your foot came off the treadle.



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