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anvil identify

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This type of wrought iron anvil w/steel plate on top was one of the standard patterns many English anvil companies offered. Yours may have been made by NASH & SONS in Stourbridge England. "J.R." that looks like this can be found low on the waist on some anvils made by them, below the name and any other markings. Other initials also appear (as if to identified the crew that made it?).


It's also possible it was made by another English maker using the same method of marking, such at ATTWOOD (pic attached J.P.) also in Stourbridge. Their anvils and markings are so similar, perhaps this was the Stourbridge style, or maybe as the industry consolidated both Attwood and Nash were made in the same forging shop with different names put on them.


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Thanks, yes you are 100% correct, the markings JR are low on the waist, i will try and scan for other markings, althoug its very faint


There are a couple methods for bringing faint marking out when photographing. first and most commonly used is to rub the anvil with chalk and the lightly burnish the surface. Chalk caught in depressions will stand out clearly. Another method is to do a pencil or charcoal rubbing, lay a piece of thin paper over it and run it with the side of a pencil to brig out the markings.


Another method is to take the photos with oblique light basically put the light so it shines along the side rather than directly on it. Placing the anvil so the horn or heal is pointing at thee sun works well and try reversing the anvil and taking more shots.


Frosty The Lucky.

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