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Can 60/45/12 ductile iron be welded ?

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I found a 4" diameter mushroom stake tool that has a square taper "post". To be useful in making bowls, I would need to adapt it to fit in the hardy hole of my anvil. Can it be welded and if so, how? Have stick, mig and tig but no experience with ductile iron...thx, Keith

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Greetings Keith,


I have found in adapting sheet metal tools for anvil tools its best to make a simple tool to fit..  Most sheet metal anvils , candle stakes . and forming blocks have the same style shank , tapered,  PEXTO style..   I use a piece of thick wall square tube with cut pieces welded inside to match the taper and than a hoop style hardie stem and a wedge on the bottom to hold it firm to the anvil face..  Works super and I have used it for years..  The simple way to locate the inside plates is drill holes in the tube and plug weld to locate .. Than finish weld the interior..  Oh I forgot... after the square tube is done weld a flat plate on the bottom before the hoop..   I hope this helps...  I would not attempt to weld the cast with the side thrust that you may put on mushroom stake...


Good luck

Forge on and make beautiful things


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