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I Forge Iron

Bonjour! Newbie from Belgium


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Hello everyone!

First of all, please excuse the language mistakes that i might make, i'll try my best to spare your eyes.


Damien, Belgian, student, 24yo. I've found myself looking a lot of video tutorials about blacksmithing lately, got amazed about everything i saw and hooked on the sound of the hammer on the metal! So i've decided to learn more about it. I finally ended here, since i couldnt easily find someone to teach me.


I'd obviously like to start forging soon but i know rushing things isnt the greatest way (also i dont have the tools yet) so i'm looking forward to learn (a lot hopefully) before dealing with the real thing.



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Un marteau. Un gros morceau d'acier ou de fer. Un source de chaleur (il y a sur ce site nombre de forges qui sont fabriquées dans un "brake drum"). C'est tout  ce dont vous avez besoin. Et frappez le fer quand il est chaud et aussi souvent que vous pouvez. C'est la meilleure manière de commencer. 


J'hésite à vous rappeler que c'est en forgeant qu'on devient...


Welcome to IFI, the place to learn.





A hammer. A big piece of steel or iron. A heat source (there are many on this site forges manufactured in a "brake drum"). That's all you need. And strike while the iron is hot and as often as you can. This is the best way to start.

I hesitate to remind you that this is practice makes ...

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Welcome aboard Damien, glad to have you. Don't worry too much about language so long as it's clean we think of mistranslations as entertainment. Heck, we're blacksmiths, not English Majors your English is better than a lot of ours. <grin>


Don't wait till you find the perfect tools to start. There are NO perfect tools unless you make the yourself and then you'll probably be the only one who thinks they're perfect. Something heavy and hard for the anvil, something to safely hold the fire, a couple hammers and some steel and you're set to start. Build a fire and do some hammering.


There are a number of beginner projects listed here and there is a list of excellent books to learn from listed here as well. Blacksmithing is about doing. Dreaming and studying is a big part but just a part, it's the doing that counts.


Frosty The Lucky.

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