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Dogwood Blossoms

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I have a client that wants dogwood blossoms incorporated in her railing. I forged these today to give her a better idea of the possibilities and me a good reference for time required. I have never done dogwood blossoms before. Blossoms are 10ga. stems are 1/4" round and the leaves are 3/8" square.


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I got the first branch forged today, 32" long by 22" tall with 7 blossoms and 4 leaves. Leaves are forged from 3/8" sqaure, blossoms are cut from 10 ga. hand textured and formed. The branches are forged from 1/2" square stock. This one is flame colored and clear coated. Actual railing will be Antique bronze powder coat.



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I love it! I just moved to a place in Kalamazoo with several wild dogwoods on the property, it occurred to me I had seen some forged, and that little voice in my head said I oughta make some. Now you put this up and it rang the memory bell, I guess once my forge is back up and running, that will have to be one of the next projects. Thanks for the inspiration!

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