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Old tool identification

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I have two thoughts, the first being some type of vintage sheet metal notch cutter type tool.  The second is along the lines of Mr. Turley's suggestion.  It might be some type of dehorning device or a souped-up bovine hoof trimmer.  The way the handle connects to the jaw implies that it creates a lever-type action.  It had to cut through some pretty darn-tough material...but soft enough to be cut by hand.

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Welcome aboard Brian, glad to have you.


I see a pretty powerful compound lever system feeding a blunt half cylinder wedge shape, we'd call that a "fuller" shape into a swage, a female half cylinder. I'm thinking it's possibly for crimping cable swages to make loops and such. That is of course just my first thought based on what I can see.


We used manual cable swages of a couple types, both hammered devices. The first was basically a blunt chisel type tool nobody could get to work worth spit. The other was made in the same mold as a cable cutter. It had a female swage receiver on the bottom and in a a male fuller shape in a guide that was guided into the swage. The top half was hinged so it could be opened and you fitted the cable through it with the crimp collar (ferrel maybe) slipped over the cables at the point you wanted them connected. You positioned the crimp in the swage and gave it a HARD smack with a sledge hammer putting a length wise half round crimp in the connector swaging the cables together.


I don't know if this is what that tool is and darned if I could find a picture of what we used to crimp cables together online. I wish I could be more help. good hunting.


Frosty The Lucky.

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