Easy Leg Vise screw and box replacement

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I originally posted this thread about 6 years ago to try and help folks who were having trouble finding complete/workable leg vises. I have probably repaired at least 10 more vises for folks with "junk" vises due to ruined or lost screws and boxes on their vises. I have 2 in my shop i have just finished. Along with replacing the screws and boxes I have remade the springs and the attachment brackets. Here are pics of the 200lb leg vise I first posted. These are new pics I just shot. You'll notice several things if you look real close. First. the "box" is pulled out so you can see how I ground it to fit in the back hole on the vise. The house jack I cut up had a 2" screw. The pipe in the picture covering the screw is just a piece of 2 3/8 drill stem I cut to protect the threads, its actually floating and not attached. I don't worry about grit and grime getting into or on the threads i was trying to protect the thread from getting ruined by something getting pounded into them, I clean the threads when I remember, which isn't very often.   I can quite literally stand on the handle to tighten the vise and I don't worry a bit about it being over tightened because that original jack could support 20 +tons. Look closely at the way I cutoff the cast iron portion of the jack to make the "box". Honestly, the use of a house jack screw makes a much more formidable vise than the way they were originally constructed.  Any questions Holler!





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