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There's anvils in them thar hills!

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So I am in Mountain City, Ga. with my folks for a  few days on a little mini vacation before I go back to school and was really surprised but how anvil rich this area is. Today was our first full day here and I counted 6 anvils and one anvil/vise. Five of the six were at the flea market just north of town. All seemed to be very reasonably priced in the $2.00-$2.50 a pound rage. I know I saw a Trenton (250-300lbs), Fisher (+- 200lbs), and a odd little Vulcan anvil (90lbs). post-42941-0-37106500-1376194656_thumb.j Went to just a few antique shops as well and saw the other anvil, its was about $3.00 a pound and the little anvil vise. post-42941-0-58083400-1376194757_thumb.j On top of that I saw lots of hammers and tongs. I only picked up two of the tongs today post-42941-0-39730700-1376194850_thumb.j but thats only because I already have 2 anvils and about 20 hammer/ hammer type tools. But needless to say if anyone is in the area and looking to pick up some gear it would be worth looking around here for a day or two. We are here for a few more days and we are going to lots more antique shops so I'll post if I find anything else interesting.

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LOL! Good one Frosty. I wouldn't worry too much about how much he eats, I'd worry more about how much beer he drinks.



Honestly you need to set your priorities straight. I've seen quite a few "poor college students" who have no trouble springing for plenty of beer. ( probably why they are poor... :D ) Besides how many other college students have a few 200 lb anvils in their dorm rooms? Makes a great door stop. Then again I'm the guy who went to college with a full tool set including power tools and a welder. ( amazing how many friends you make when they find out you have the tools to disassemble and reset the furniture and stuff to cut lumber with to build lofts...  :D  The college didn't seem to mind the small bandsaw too much, but they did have issues with me planing boards in the studio hallway with the 12" planer for some reason. I think it might have been the noise. :rolleyes: )



250-300lb Trenton in nice shape would really be tempting. Bit far of a drive though.

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Frosty: I eat a lot, I do enjoy a nice beer.I just finished cleaning a barn last week but there wasn't anything living in it other than a few spiders, the sheep sound interesting and that paint thing had to be magic.... Still want the resume lol?


DSW: Lucky I'm living off campus this year and the house I'm in has a basement that I've been told I can set up a shop at and I completely plan on it!


Everything Mac: I already have a loan from the parents and its going to pay for school lol. 

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I thought they were rich now I see they are LOADED. Today I found 8 more anvils!! We went over to Franklin NC and found a huge antique shop and I was only able to look at half the shop because they were closing for the day but still 8 anvils and 2 stake anvils. We are going back tomorrow to look through the hole thing and I'm excited to see what else I can find. Also found 3 small post vised right at the state line. 










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You can eat as much as you want, Deb can get enough out of you to make it worth it. A beer is good, the barn is small and the sheep are friendly. I'll run it by Deb, get back to you.


Those are pretty typical antique store prices and that's a new story about the Soderfors process, not at all what I'd heard before. I have those very tin knocker's stakes and a few more in the shop. I don't use them but there they are. <wink>


Frosty The Lucky.

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While I still wasn't able to get an anvil I did have to pick up these beauties. Two American Blacksmith journals from January 1918 and June 1917, and a nice tap and die set (cheap). And Frosty I have no clue what the soderfors process is.




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