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Rust primer


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I've looked around a bit but to no avail. My question is this, I live in good old South Africa far from the USA where many of these bluing solutions originate and I was wondering if it would be possible to use HCl to induce the rust in the steel needed for the rust bluing process. All I find in the forum is reference to an acid solution. If you have any other thoughts on the matter please share them I am willing to learn as many DIY methods as possible without having to resort to paying tonnes of money if possible.

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It is Known as Rust Bluing :




and the Best there is : http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/metal-prep-coloring/metal-bluing/specialty-bluing-chemicals/classic-rust-blue-prod22820.aspx


you really need to do your research once again your lack of willingness to do simple reading behooves me to really despise helping you in any projects you post here on IFI and by the way where is the Fictional sword you were to make after everyone posted that you would have major issues making it ? Yes I remember it very well and your arrogance to the help and information many "Elders" posted to you and your lack of respect for said Smiths as  well .


Good Luck Young Man and Best regards


Samuel Cro

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Whilst I echo Sam's sentiments I will offer you the following; Firstly you live close to the east rand what was the industrial hub of apartheid SA. Virtually anything was available so you have access to a lot of stuff that the average American and English smith can only dream of!
Try contacting Yodranka the chemist an Metalchem in easlleigh"you will find people far more helpfully face to face" and she can possibly help you in your quest.
If you have no joy there PM me and I will help you on my return from the USA in the middle of Sept.


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