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I Forge Iron

My forge and the first thing I have made

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Here is my homemade forge. I messed around with some scrap to get a feel for the hammer, I tried to make a pair of tongs which did not turn out well, but I plan on messing with them some more. The first thing I made form start to finish was This rail road spike oyster knife. I got a bit of a concern that I dont get enough heat from the forge would that be fixed some coal. any ideas what might help?






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Cool idea on the oyster knife. I like the skull on the backend.

Coal or Lump Charcoal like Neg suggested would do better. I use coal in my homemade forge, and it'll burn away the steel if I'm not careful. I would suggest either making some sort of ash dump that swings, or do what I do and set it up so that the bottom of your pipe goes a few inches down into a 5 gallon bucket of water without a cap of any kind. the water blocks the air from being lost out the bottom, and lets any ash or clinkers sink to the bottom. No opening a cap that'll undoubtedly rust into place to empty clogs. Plus... if you get a build-up of flammable gases in your tuyere(?) that ignites, it will likely lose much of it's explosive force bubbling out the bottom and send less searing coals into the air out of your firepot.

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Coal is denser, and goes out on its own when you stop feeding it air (usually).
So coal lasts longer for the same volume of fuel.
Charcoal is cleaner burning and lighter. No clinker to speak of, no noxious smoke wile its coking and generally easy to come buy. It is lighter, so it will blow out of the forge with to strong a blast, and it likes a deaper fire than coal, that and it creaps, and it's hard to manage with water. Generally you won't want to just dump a bag on the forge table.

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