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What kind of hammer is this??


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I downloaded and had a quick look through of THE KENNETH LYNCH TOOL COLLECTION a little while ago (sourced from a posting on The Armour Archive.)

This style looked familiar, a quick look through again found a similar shaped listing (KL 209m Raising Hammer.) The one in your the pictures is larger then those on the collection list. The largest listed in the Lynch Collection is 1.4 pounds, 5.5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide pean, and 0.75 inches thick at the pean.

I suspect that this is one of those tool patterns that crosses trades and purposes because it does various jobs so well. As Dogsoldat posted - a bead breaker for tires. I've seen hemostats (surgical clamps) used for holding 2 inch wiring clamps closed while a tech was installing wiring on an aircraft. Did the job and kept the frustration level low.

Here's a shortcut to the Google Doc's copy of THE LYNCH TOOL COLLECTION that was posted at The Armour Archive:



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