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Goat cleaver


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This was a commission from a Navy SEAL (a buddy of the one who's been such a good customer to me) to use in processing out the wild goats and feral hogs that he hunts in his downtime there in Hawaii.  Since he was wanting it for more butcher duty than some of the blunt-ended choppers I've made in the past, I followed a more traditional meat cleaver design.




As part of that, I angled the blade to the handle where the knuckles would have plenty of clearance when chopping a carcass on a butcher block.




I decided to take pics with several different backgrounds and levels of shade.  :)




The steel is 5160, the handle is an integral socket handle wrapped in hemp cord with three-strand Turk's head knots at the ends, impregnated with epoxy.  The overall length is 18", the blade is 12" wide and 3/16" at the spine, and is 3 1/2" wide at the widest.  It shaves hair very cleanly.




A shot of it in hand.




And a picture he sent me of one of the goats he's hunted in the past.  He's promised to send me pics when he gets to hack up a carcass for a barbecue.


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Goat is mighty tasty, Frosty. Especially the outlaws that get in the garden or on top of the better half truck.


There are so many stories of what goats will get into, onto and pee on a person could write volumes. We have a one word solution for all the stories out there. Fencing.


Slow roasted goat kid picks up the spice and smoke flavor and has got to be one of the best flavored meats I've ever eaten.


One of the best things about raising goats is if one of your kids gives you too much trouble you can sell or eat it without getting in trouble. <grin>


Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank y'all!  I haven't been around goats much but their freakish alien eyes would make me have no hesitation in whacking one up for a barbecue.  Haven't had cabrito yet; given that I'm in San Antonio, I probably ought to give it a try.


Dick - After forging as close to final shape as I can, I soak the blade in vinegar overnight to eat the scale off, leaving the forge finish behind.  That's what you're seeing.

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Goat is very very good eats, usually it will be kid, under a year for chevon and under 6 moths for cabrio. Older goat is still mighty good. Lends it s self to traditional, Texas slow smoked BBQ. Not as strongly flavored as lamb, mutton or vinesen. Feral hog is good to, just avoid them over 150#. For the same taest, Vietnamese pig (potbelly) are great, and you can eat the young ones and the old ones with out any "boar taint"
Sure think your cleaver beats my old scout hatchet for prosseing. Them in to meat.

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We had friends with a goat dairy; fairly common for a couple to climb out of a 6' fence---they climb trees too and as browsers rather than grazers MUCH prefer any ornamentals or orchard trees to pasture.  (Actually they are great for rennovating an old pasture going back to scrub---they will kill poison ivy by eating it to death too!)

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