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It's been a while since I've posted pics of things I've been doing lately and my blacksmith work has taken a backseat to the old truck I've been trying to get back on the road.  Still the truck's restoration needs  $ and that means I still need to make things to sell.  Here's the truck, she passed inspection about a week ago!  The afternoon summer heat here in Texas has been tough, the radiator needed to be re-cored so the 2x72 belt grinder build has been put on hold temporarily.





Made & sold this spike hawk, then started a 2nd one.  The 2nd one for the first time successfully forge welded in a piece of old file for the cutting edge.  Also made this hold down for the anvil, works well enough.




Someone asked me to make straight razors from an old file, those are still wip.  Made a few small file knives & sold.  Heat treating these has been an educational experience, one thing I've learned is to immediately check for straightness after each step vs. after tempering & grinding.  A vise with straight jaws is very useful for correcting slight bends and the value of normalizing.




Lastly this set of knives & double sheath should sell today and allow me to buy more needed truck parts.









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The double setup I got $180. The hawk I sold for $120. Still trying to figure out pricing. I try to stay reasonable while getting compensated for time n any expenses. I have a backlog so maybe I should charge more, don't know. It's just nice to get paid for something u enjoy and helps fund other hobbies.

If you decide on doing a str8 razor go to straightrazorplace.com and find the forge area, it's loaded with information. I'd recommend it for knife making as well.

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Some very nice work there. Many many many smiths would love orders at almost any price. Great that you are selling what you make and partially funding your truck rebuild.

My old hot rod pickup has been a very long restoration and swallows more money than seems possible. A drive in it on a nice day is well worth the money and work. Most men my age want to come talk when I have it out in public :)

Go make more stuff so you can get back to your 2x72,


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The truck is a 1969 GMC. Top and doors chopped 4 inches, windscreen angled back additional 13 degrees. Now has a '82 stepside shortbed and a '68 Chev front end.

Just put in a 1974 LS7 engine with all the goodies.461 CI, 590 HP, 9.99 to 1 Compression.

Fun to drive but only 6 MPG.

 PICS here: http://s206.photobucket.com/albums/bb33/WinDancerPics/ if this works :)



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That worked, SWEET truck!  I can see why you get stopped by people wanting to talk about it.  A lot of time & money went into that one.  The 350 in mine is stock, compression check showed ~160 across all cylinders.  I was surprised today when I did the math, it got driving to & from work ~18 mpg.


I'm making a sign right now to post with some things I've forged for this Sunday.  Figured I can lay them out on the seat or truck bed with the sign and prices.  And I'm going to at least start building the frame for the 2x72 out of drops from the metal store, at least it'd be a start.

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Really nice truck Dave, 67-70 is my second favorite Chevy truck body style and far more practical to build than my favorite 35-37. No doubt you get folk stopping and checking her out, she's a sweet ride. I know I'd give it a long wide eyed go round. She's gotta be a fine ride, 590hp would be snappy, I LIKE snappy. <grin>


Thanks for the pics.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Jerry - saw your postings about Balcones Forge getting together on Oct. 26th.  I'm putting that one on my calendar and hoping to make it.  In the meantime I finished another request for someone.  This time a pair of skinning knives from old Nicholson files and another spike hawk.  The handles on the knives are made from walnut.  I made a 3rd knife to keep for myself, but decided to try a different type of wood, that matches what I've done before on the smaller file knives.



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