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Does anyone know this anvil?

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Does anyone know what type of anvil this is? all i know is that it is a stake anvil and i know where and how to use it. it has both a hardy hole and a pritchel hole. if anyone has any clue of what brand or how old it might be, please inform me.


here are a few pictures of the anvil. i can add more if requested.





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What a great addition to the shop!


Those types of bick/stump anvils were so common back in the day that I doubt any positive ID can be made unless you can find a maker's mark on it.  Definitely old - wouldn't doubt it dated back to the late 1800's.

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Ahh the late 1800's is not considered old in smithing stuff  I still use equipment from the early 1800's and a few bits from the 1700's


That is a nice stake anvil.  I envy you it!


Note that if you are in central europe the date may be different than if you are in the USA, or Australia, or South Africa---why we suggest people edit their profile to include a *general* area for their location.

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It is the kind of tool that would have been in common use prior to 1850 in the United States.  It is a hand made tool not a mass produced object.  The form of the tool has a 18th century feel about it.  But to be honest it could be anywhere from 1870's to the roman period and there would be no way of knowing with out finding a makers mark or doing some complex and expensive metallurgical analysis  

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