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Ceramic Coated Cast Iron Dutch Oven?


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Hi guys,


   So I've been tinkering with trying to build myself a better forge. I've been using a simple 55 gallon drum base with some stones in it to form a cavity to function like a fire pot and a simple hair dryer with a piece of exhaust pipe to feed it air.


What I came across was a 3 qt. ceramic coated cast iron dutch oven. My thought is to drill a hole through in the bottom to feed a turyre through. Turyre is a simple t-shaped black iron design with a removable cap on the bottom.


I was going to cut a hole in the bottom of the 55 gallon drum base to sort of function as a work table to hold charcoal near my firepot.


My question is this: Will the 3 qt. cermaic coated cast iron dutch oven make a decent fire pot or are there issues I'm unaware of to take into consideration?


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A plain cast iron fry pan in the 8" dia range will do and better than the coated ones you can drill for an air grate. Be really careful, cast iron does NOT like fast or localized temperature changes so NO water on the fire. I've never talked to anyone who's used a dutch oven but it'd probably be DE BOMB for charcoal. If you clay it it'll be a lot more durable but it's a risky firepot however you do it.


I'd go with a brake drum myself and bake bread or make a nice pot of baked beans, with biscuits baked on top in the dutch oven.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Look under forges > solid fuel forges > the 55 forge > simple side blast forge.


No twyere involved and if you need a pan or fire pot larger than 24 inches in diameter, you have other issues and concerns, read specialty forge for the job at hand.

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At my club all we have are some large drums, can't remember the size though. Have a upside down rectangular pyramid in the middle with a removable grate made out of thick checkerplate steel. The grate is a hunk of mild with a slot cut out.

Around this it has firebricks on the edges to form a large u shaped area to stop the coke coming into contact with the other bits of metal, to keep it contained and so you can rearrange it to suit your work.

Below that it has a metal pipe put through the back to pump air in, it runs through the drum just under the pot with a slot cut out as well.

The pipe has a chunk of round steel welded to a rod in it which you pull and push to control air flow.

Try and get some pics tomorrow.

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I'd say no.


You'll have a hell of a time getting holes drilled in it without cracking it. and to top that the coating isn't a good idea.


Brake drums can be gotten probably for free from a local brake shop. Just talk to the owner about what you're doing and you'd be surprised how easy it is to get what you're looking for. Or if you know anyone that does their own auto repairs they probably have one laying around collecting dust.

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Is there a name on the Dutch oven? It may be worth selling and buying a forge. Look for something like DeBuyer (sp?) That is a popular name with the foodie crowd, they like that Frenchie cookware. Even other brands can be worth a bit if the enamel is still in good shape.

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