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but how is the arrowhead attached?

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Hi all

my young neighbor has made his own longbow and arrows and is interested in me making him some bodkin points.  There are plenty of videos on youtube on how to make them, but no mention of how to attach them to the arrow shaft.  Are they jam-fitted, glued, pinned, or some combination?  Period correct is nice but i'm not above using some epoxy if required.


thanks for any help


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Hot resin or hide glue is pretty traditional so a dab of hot glue is a good modern alternative. The good thing about using hot glues is they're easy to unglue, epoxy can be a bear to unstick, you need to get it a lot hotter, in the 350+f range, depending on the type/brand. The longer the set and cure time, the more permanent epoxy is. 5 min epoxy is quick fix and still needs a couple hours to come to full strength, don't use 24hr epoxy unless you want it seriously attached and 24 hrs is just the set time, it'll need a couple more days to cure.


Okay, so I worked in a rubber plant and dealt with all kinds of resins. At least I learned something useful. . . I hope. <grin>


Frosty The Lucky.

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I've used ferr-l-tite on wood shafts for the tips. Never had one come loose from shooting.  The wood broke before the glue.  It's pretty easy to use provided you heat the tip.  I used a Berno chafing dish burner.  Candles work too but you get soot on the head that needs to be cleaned off.


Fletch-tite is more of a fletching (feather) glue that's very similar to super glue.  I think it's too brittle to hold well for tips.  The ferr-l-tite retains a little elasticity that keeps the bond intact under hard knocks.

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