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Pics of My air Hammer

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Hi I am just posting a couple of pic of my Air Hammer that I made.

I still have to change the die system. Going to make a dovetail system top & bottom to change dies simple & quick.

Originally it had to much bounce until I added the 4" shaft with a foot plate to the ground directly under the anvil. It is sitting on about 6" of road base. I haven't worked out how many hits / minute. Stroke can be adjusted, ball valve on the side can be used to slow it down on finer work. Depending how hard you stand on the foot lever switch will depend on how hard it hits.




Question and comments welcome.


Please ignore my mess got to clean up when I get time.

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That looks like a nice little utility hammer Pete, what's the ram weight?


Oh and stop apologizing for all the useful salvage you have in your yard, we all have or are trying to develop such an assortment.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Ram is a 2" air ram I made the Hammer/ head shaft is about 20Kg a piece of 2 1/2" square 4140.

Powered by a 14cf air compressor at 100psi through 3/8 air lines. would like to put a reservoir tank next to it and run 3/4" lines from tank to hammer.

Any other questions please ask.



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Nice bit of engineering! Is the control your own design? Will it do single blows?



the idea was from some I saw on the net but worked it out with what I had.

No doesn't do a true single blow but can do a single blow if you work the control right


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