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I Forge Iron

Old forge movie

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Indeed, it is a darn fine movie clip. I wish there were more old movies around. Industrial smithing from back in the day is pretty fun to watch. Thanks for the link :)

I think it is very likely that there are of course many more such film clips from the earliest days of silent movie making. Why I think so is because the nieghborhood blacksmith shop was still a very common part of life in those days, circa 1890-1920. Shops were in every community and film making was in its infancy. There are many many street scenes, etc. because the early film makers shot what they saw around them. So I believe it stands to reason that scenes of smiths, farriers at work could be found if the right archives were accessed. That is the key, where are these archives? Library of congress? Is there a library of Thomas Edison? (Edison was THE big name in early movies, he litteraly owned the industry). Just my 2 cents. Dan:)
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