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Anvil i.d. anyone ??

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found this little guy today with a vise and they both followed me home.........

all I can make out after a bit of wire brushing is a 32lbs stamp about 1/2 way down on the left side

below the stamp their looks to be initial ''W" then an "O" or a ''U'' and then another "O" or "U" ? could be something else but that's what it looks like  


it weighs 31+ lbs      2.5'' x 9'' face , 5.5'' horn

any info is appreciated, thanks for looking






and the vise




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except that there were over 200 other english anvil makers most of which made similar anvils...


Mousehole is the one we know best in the USA; but there seems to be a much wider variation of ones in Canada


Which is why I suggested the acknowledged expert.

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Any luck finding any markings on the side facing you when the horn is to the right?

on the right side (horn pointing to the right)............after much intense elbow gease I can make out "warranted"

underneath the 32lbs stamp on the the left side, I believe the letters to be W O O (part of attWOOd)

would this possibly make it an Attwood Stourbridge ?  

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Wish I could help with the anvil but I mostly watch and sponge info while you guys figure it out. It'd be right at home on my bench and never have to worry about sledge hammers.


Very nice Columbian vise, I have two but neither is that cherry.


Frosty The Lucky.

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The WOO does leave room for AT---D, so it may be ATTWOOD, but under the weight stamp is different marking than any I've seen, including this size. Nonetheless, anything's possible, there are so many variations in how anvils are marked. It's made in the manner of a built up Old English anvil. Cruder than usual Attwoods, but again, no accounting for the anomalies. Enjoy it, a nice unique small traveling anvil.

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... I wonder if we will ever get to the bottom of this...

Since I got my second "WOO" anvil I have gone through EVERY page in the anvil section from 2008 to now and looked at every anvil I'd thread with no luck finding another one. That has taken me two weeks, I would read through the threads everyday and just finished yesterday evening.

We might have to talk to Mr Postman about these ones.
Here are my "WOO" anvils.


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I have a one that is number (A20887) it is I believe a Standard Farrier and is stamped 208.

I have met several of the past owners and they were all proud to say they had owned it at one time.

It is traced to a ranch that purchased it around 1920 and has always spent it's life in the Carson Valley NV.

Do not know value, quality or how it was built however do know to keep it.

Happy Trails






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Great looking Hay Budden...hang on to that one, looks to be in very good shape!  Probably 208#.  You'll really enjoy it.


I picked up a 170# Hay Budden in very good shape a few months ago and it's a wonderful anvil; glad I was able to find one.

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Thanks all, I will look up the three numbers you spoke of Dragons lair when I get to the shop and let you know. What do the three numbers Mean?

Thanks again and a Very Merry Christmas to all.






'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>    


Dragons Liar  this address is why I called it a Farrier style from the Hay Budden catalog 1914.

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