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Saw makers Anvils

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Do saw makers anvils typically sell for more, less or the same as a comparable weight and condition London pattern anvil? I'm looking at a saw makers anvil and I have no idea how to value it.




Richard Chase


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From what I've seen, it depends.

I've seen some mint looking saw maker's anvils go quite high, and I've also scored a very nice price on one sold locally as well.

......I could say the same about regular pattern anvils too.

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Maker, condition, location, and size are all factors in value.  Some knifemakers use them for their flat surface.  Originally, they were never struck with a hammer.  The saw blade was always between the hammer and the anvil.  That is why some of them are in terrific condition.


You are correct in there is no clear answer.

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Okay, let's skip to how you can put a value on it for you:

- what it's worth to you / how much you can afford

- how soon you want one / how long you think you'd have to wait for the next one to be for sale

- a price you're okay with: 1) you won't regret you spent that much for it;  and 2) if someone's willing to pay more than you, you won't regret missing the opportunity


If you're looking at "NEAR MINT 258lbs Early FISHER & NORRIS Eagle Saw/Blade Makers BLACKSMITH ANVIL" in Newfield, ME, I've looked at that anvil at his place and he was stuck on a price higher than I would go, so I was surprised to see it listed with no reserve and a starting price of $9.99. Maybe it was a mistake, but now there's bids on it and looks like he's going to let the listing run it's course. This might be a chance to pick up that anvil at a lower price than normal, particularly because you can go pick it up. The freight cost eliminates a lot of other buyers. We'll know what it sold for in 3 1/2 days.


Good luck, we're rooting for you.

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  • 2 weeks later...

That’s the one.

I understand the idea that something is worth what you’re willing to pay for it, I was mostly trying to get an idea what it might sell for.

Turns out the answer is $610.00, what was he asking for it in his shop?

I ended up dropping out of the bidding when I scored 2300lb of 4340 in the form of 3 6.75"X10.5" bars in varying lengths that will allow me to proceed with some experiments in anvil making I have been wanting to try.



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