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I Forge Iron

Early Pilkington power hammer.

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Guest Johnnie

Go on Bash. That is stunning! But on angle grinder on the ram?????? Why do people do this? Well worth the two hundred pound fine me thinks.

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 yes that baby girl is a old one    my mate has a pillinton the same ,   but his is  not have it going  


 i have a  i think its a all days    about 1cwt  ,  it is a going  like a wizz  


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Well I finally got it up and running again. Played with the VFD speed control and managed to get it striking hard (very hard) and also nice and gently as well . there is a nice spot at around 45 hertz that seems like a good compromise.I have it coupled to a 6hp motor that may well just be up to the job (7.5 would be better If I am to run it at higher speed, there is one on ebay at the mo). 

 I am going to pull the big end apart . the offset crank  is a very large diameter with a V large bearing surface (i think its steel on steel)  and there is movement there . I think I can easily tighten it up but want to look at at the bearing surfaces first. 

 anyhow I have had this 2 years in July.......and want it installed and running  by then.

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