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Help me ID my new hammers


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So last thursday I purchased that last anvil and hammers from a blacksmith estate and now I am trying to ID the hammers and figure out the designed purpose. Working from left to right here is what I do know. 


1 Cross pein


2 Atha 3" Flatter 


3 Atha Scaling 


4 Raising hammer?


5 Raising hammer?


6 Raising hammer?


7 Atha 3/4" punch


1, 2, 3, and 7 I understand its really 4, 5, and 6 that I"m looking for more info on. But if anyone has any more info on the other hammers I am all ears. 


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Yeah, 45&6 are sheet forming hammers, 4&5 are raising hammers and 6 is another but of specific type. Check/search body and fender hammers. I have two I got from Father who got from a neighbor, a retired silver smith and tin knocker. I only have a very general idea of what it's used for but don't now how it's used.


Frosty The Lucky.

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#4 and #5 are raising hammers #4 being used for the sinking part of the process and #5 for flattening the wrinkles formed at the outer edges as a piece is sunk in the center.  This called "raising".  #6 is for reaching into deeper bowls and pitcher/vase type forms. 

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They do not look like the raising hammers I have either seen, used or own over here. Those are all rectangular cross peins, flat but with the corners radiused.

The image is very fuzzy on my phone but...

Four looks to me like a double ball pein sinking/ leaf hammer
Five looks like a double ended version of my father's upholstery/tack hammer
Six is closest to my deep leaf/veining hammer, if the pein is radiused in both directions.


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