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I built this hammer/tool rack out of two hollywood bed frames i had picked up and other misc. pieces of steel i had in the pile. i did this to try and gain more room by eliminating the cart i had previously because it was always in the way it seemed also i had already had it full ..and as you can see by my modest hammer collection i needed more storage for the future. the top shelf is going to be for punches and chisels but i have not made the holders yet so the coffee can is it for now..i plan to build the holders similar to one yesteryearforge had posted in a thread i saw. In the future im going to build on to this rack on the left hand side. there is a door there but i want to block it anyways.






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Nice rack, looks good. You can store stock by standing it on end between the rack bars.


I like cake pans better than coffee cans for holding small tools, chisels, punches, drifts, etc. and small stock. They're square and stack, keep the tools straight and visible, don't care if you toss a hot tool or project piece in. They're just handy and you find them at yard/garage sales for less than a buck all the time. Teflon is a bad idea though, red hot steel does stinky things to it which is BAD for you.


Frosty The Lucky.

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I like the angle on the hammer handles, how are you finding it for use?

So far its working great. The angle makes it easy to see each hammer and everything is out of the way so no more moving the cart here and there. The location i installed works well too, its to the left of my forge about two steps from my main anvil.
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