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Made a scrap yard belt grinder

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Been working on it for a while and was hunting down parts for it for a fair time. Managed to salvage the 2 wheels from a scraped belt  sander, made the shaft out of a bit of bar and added 2 bearings I found to it.

The welding is rather crude as it was my first welding project (they seem to hold) and first welder I have used.

Just needing to attach the platter thing to the tool and I have since added a stick off my lemon tree to provide tension for the motor and the main spindle.

Over all I am happy with it seem to have enough power to bite into material. Waiting for the ZIrconia belts to arrive to get into some metal grinding.


Open to criticism on all fronts of this project, I know it is not fantastic or good looking, but at this stage it is functional and cost me peanuts, If I only found a scrapped trampoline it would have cost me $0 to build. 


Here is a video as everyone loves videos:

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Very resourceful! 

Don't be afraid to practice welding on more scrap steel- 'practice makes perfect'.

Keep up the good work- next you'll be making a press or tire hammer ;)


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