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Saw my first ever Little Giant power hammer today on CL....I bought this around 1976 for $95 and rebuilt it, then used it for years before I got into Beaudrys and then on to air hammers. I have no idea who owns it now and the price is $4000.. :lol: ..The way I know it's mine is I built the jackshaft and motor mount.
It's on Denver CL along with a 75kilo Peddinghaus for $850, not bad....(i dare not do a link)


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Neat! Yes, I welded in a piece of maybe 1/8''x 1'' angle iron....It was so worn all the shims were gone. I repoured the cluch bearing too without using a lathe and I poured the bearing with the two pieces together after which I scraped the bearing to fit (you can't DO THAT :lol: )....Is the cluch still true?

I'd like to see her again sometime........... B)

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