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Found a large anvil

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Hi Evertyone,


Well last week I found an anvil. $250 the seller says he weighed it #300 lbs. It took 3 of us to lift it into the truck, I'll know more when I get it cleaned up.

I've attached pictures and there are markings on the side, but I can't make anything out. Anyone want to guess at the make?








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Crossed hot dogs hahahhaa do you want mustard with that?


What is the crossed stamp? Canons?


Some times rubbing some chalk on the side then lightly rubbing it off with your hand will show the stamps in the side a little more.


Good luck

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Queen's Cross Dudley IIRC


English with the sharp top of the feet and the thick waist.  A bit worn but should have substantial life left in it (thickness of the top plate)


There were over 200 English anvil makers so hard to nail it down without markings or LOCATION---Many english brands are quite rare here in the USA; but are more common in commonwealth countries, others are pretty much specific to the UK.

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