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Air Compressor advice needed

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I'm about to purchase a 7.5hp 80gal compressor for the shop and I have 2 options in front of me. For what I will be doing the cfm and tank size on these will be good, just need to decide which.


One is a new Campbell Hausfeld from the local grizzly store(model G2815), 3 year warranty, 25.1/27.2 CFM at 175/90 PSI.


The other is a local used Snap-On(model BRA7180V), 7hp baldor motor, nearly identical cfm rating, 3 years old but it hasn't been run in about a year(guy got it when his father in-law passed), less than 50hrs on the timer, looks clean, auto tank drain, still on the pallet from when it was new, dual fan, higher quality pump. Comes with extra hose and oil.


They are both priced at about $1800 but the snap-on is more than twice that price brand new.


Ive never bought a large compressor before.. what should I do?

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Greetings Dan,


Another source is Northern Hydraulics and Tractor Supply for Ingersol Rand.  I have a IR 71/2 horse and it has worked well for years.. The nice thing about new is the warranty.  By the way they are all noisy...  I finally mounted mine in another building and ran the pipe underground..


Good luck

Forge on and make beautiful things..


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I say shop around. I bought a low hour Kaeser 7.5 with 80+ gallon tank for $435 from a closing shop. Tons of compressors out there.

I wouldn't run any air underground, unless you want water constantly in the lines. Worked in shops that did that, and it was like hooking up to a water hose at times.

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I got the snap-on. Its massive, looks new, quietest compressor I've heard and puts out a lot of air.
I'll stick a pic in the it followed me home section later.

Quincy's do seem like they're about the best too, in 20 years when this one is done maybe I'll get one.

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