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I really like chopping knives, and had a day to kill, so I gave myself a challenge; forge a knife in one day. This is the result. 1075 forged to shape, limited grinding, edge quenched in veggie oil, and tempered for chopping. I put it through several tests, throwing it, chopping tatami, chopping a log, then (nervously) peeling an apple. All-in-all I'm happy with the results, it's a surprisingly comfortable chop holding it on the base.

Comments and critique appreciated,












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Thank you. Yeah, I had a nice breeze and plenty to drink - thankfully 10XX also forges nicely. I had twisted without flattening a prior handle and didn't like the feel. I like this much more, next time I will  try something different with the pommel though. 

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I like the blade shape, but my thoughts on camp knife are these:


1. A camp knife should chop

2. A camp knife should be usable for hours on end without causing my calluses to fall off.

3. A camp knife shouldn't be easy to get caught on things.


I prefer either a full tang or hidden tang design, that being said; your knife is unique.

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Twelve hours working in the shop? My friend, you are not from south Louisiana, that's for sure. I might get in an hour at dawn now and again, but by then I'm getting dizzy. Which is why I much prefer to work through the night.

Very nice piece, btw. Not so sure about that twist though. Seems uncomfortable for long work

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