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Fixing Champion forge blower


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I recently bought a nice champion forge blower. It runs smooth, throws a lot of air and cleaned up pretty nice. The only problem is when you let go of the crank, and the fan slows down, it sounds like the blades are hitting the inside of the housing. It is only when you let go. When you crank it its squared up and doesn't make contact. The crank does have some play. There does seem to be some sort of spacer where the crank enters the housing, but its pretty thin and worn out. Should that be there or did the previous owner add that? Any idea how to fix this wobble or what might be causing it? I'd hate to keep running it this way and destroy the blades.

Any idea what model this? It doesn't appear to have one on the casing like some do.

Thanks for the help.



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Can't help on the model number but...some of these blowers had helical gears so under power, the fan would pull a little to one side once the parts start wearing.  When you stop cranking, it moves to the other side of the bearing while coasting; same thing can happen inside the case with gears.  I would remove the fan cover and isolate the noise to the fan or the gear train then proceed to adjust as necessary.  You can shim with leather or metal, depending on what you have at hand.

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I've adjusted them 2 ways, both pretty simple.

1 On the handle side of the housing , on the end of the shaft there is a bolt and a lock nut. I loosened the lock nut, snugged the bolt a bit, pushing the shaft away from the inside of the housing where it was hitting and tighted the lock nut.

2 Remove the cover and shim the whole cover out with a few washers, as needed. Seal the gap with some form-a-gasket. This worked when the fan was hitting the cover side. Clean up the fan and the insides while it's open.


Good to go!



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By installing a generously thick gasket between both shell of the air blowing chamber may give you all the clearance you may need. I did this on two blower rebuild projects this spring with good results. This repair instruction came from Charles Johnson, a blacksmith resident in Mena, Ark.



Carry on

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