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told my 16 year old son that is not really into blacksmithing I wanted him to strike for me as a Fathers Day gift so he agreed with a sigh. Started wit an 1 1/2" x 3 1/2 piece of 4140. It aint pretty but its one more piece to add to my hammer making kit. 1 1/2 radius Let me know what you think good or bad

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It looks good. I want to try making one. I found these great illustrations of how to forge them plus some other tools. (Pg 1013). Perhaps you can try one of the others next.


Page 793 shows how to make a ball pine hammer.
Page 933 is another hammer

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Outstanding Eric. Not only do you have a fine tool you have some hours with your so. He may have grumbled but he and you got to spend good time together. You'll both be able to brag on this job.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for the comments. I see plenty of room for improvement. My next top tool will be a hammer eye punch made from some 1" 4140 I just received from Dave Custer. I can see where centering the struck end with the cheeks will reduce the amount of work and produce a crisper(if that's a word) looking tool.

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