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I Forge Iron

I scored some steel today.

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Well today was not at all a bad day. I went to the hardware store, Huntsville Al is blessed with 2 real hardware stores, and asked about getting some 1095. The guy said he did not have a way to order any so he sent me over to a steel fabricator. The guy in charge of sales said he only had A36 but asked how big I needed it. I told him as thin as 1/8 inch and he said to follow him. He shows me a rack of old saw blades and tells me that a guy used to get them for knife making. I took some home and cut a slice out with a 7" cut off blade for the circular saw and heated some up to non-magnetic. Did a water quench and put it in the vice. The small bit broke off like glass with almost no effort. The larger bit took some doing but broke. I tried one more time and put my 6' 8" 304 lbs in to it and it would not bend or break. It did flex.

So any one know what I can search the google for to find more information about this type of blade?









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