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homemade belt grinder


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This seems like another "how long is a piece of string" question.

Given you don't have a welder, if you purchase all the parts new and then pay someone to fab up the necessaries, it could easily cost more than a store bought unit.

However, if you are crafty and good at scavenging the parts can cost very little.


I am in he middle of collecting up the pieces for a large ( 6" wide x  24") long belt sander. It will be used more for woodwork but I will also use it a lot for metal work.

- 1" diam steel shafts and two of the pillow block bearings I got for nothing from a friend, the other two bearings I stripped off a machine I found in a dumpster. 

- aluminium drive roller/drum I had my BIL fab up for me from a 4" diam x 9" long piece of ally pipe

- other rollers  are scavenged at no cost from a railway line grinding machine

- 2HP 3phase motor cost me $35 from the online classifieds.

- motor has the right pulley on it and I bought another pulley for $10 from ebay.

- frame is going to be made of 1.5" x 1/8" SHS which I have pieces left over from another project

One thing I have  spent serious money on is a box of electronics, a new variable speed drive (VSD) which enables the 3phase motor to run off single phase as well as providing speed control but even this cost only $120 delivered.


I already have a small but handy metal shop with a small metalworking lathe, 170A welder, 4 grinders, metal cutting bandsaw, Floor standing drill press etc, so putting this together should not be too difficult. I also have access to a shop with  mills and other larger metal working gear. I have experience with installing 3 VSDs.  Building a belt grinder without these would be quite  challenging.


I hope this gives you a few ideas but hopefully someone who has more direct experience with a dedicated belt grinder for metal will respond.

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If you want to build a grinder with out welding look into the NWG (No Weld Grinder) plans at www.usaknifemaker.com.  I have copies of the plans for sale for $25.00.

You could look at the GIB (Grinder In a Box) at www.polarbearforge.com.

The NWG uses step pulleys for "adjustable" speed, not true "variable" speed.

The GIB is a direct drive machine and with a VFD for variable speed is a great machine.

I supply motors and VFDs for both of these machines.

Let me know if I can help you further.

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