Cleaning up wire rope after forging

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To clean cable prior to forging, wash in solvent several times using fresh solvent each time. let it soak in the solvent for several hours each time. Then when thoroughly dry, put it in an old kettle fill with water and boil the heck out of it. This should remove most of the grease and gunk from the cable. After boiling, remove from the water and let it air dry. The water should evaporate quickly because of the heat.

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Here is my nickle worth.....

I weld the ends with a mig. Heat and untwist. Heat again several times and beat the snot out of it agains tthe anvil. Most that crud and corruption will come out. Wire brushing all the time. Let it cool. Stick then end of the cable you are going to first weld into a coffee can of kerosene/coal oil. Forget about the borax. Weld that sucker up. You can even use wd40 . Just let the billet cool between heats a little bit so the POL doesn't evaporate from the high heat. 

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