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Hey Fellows!


Here you can watch the tutorial that I made on how to forge Brian´s pick up / hammer making tongs. The video is part of a series of videos Alec and I are going to make to support Brian´s "Tools to make Tools" curriculum the International YoungSmiths team will be going through during the event at Tannehill Forge School of Blacksmithing Summer 2013.


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Nicely done Daniel! I only have one suggestion for your next production video, either have lights to video by or stop when it gets dark and restart the next day. Good light is a must for good video.


I'm going to be more than happy to link your video, this one and I'm sure the next ones to folk wanting to learn. I don't know if you know this about me but I learn every time I watch someone forge, every single time and watching you was a delight.


Thank you, keep them coming.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Very good guys, though I will say be careful of saying "such and such was invented by so and so", blacksmithing has been around for a while, and I'm sure that most things you have come up with have been used or adapted by someone else somewhere else before.  I have never invented, I see other peoples ideas and tools and adapt them for my use and aplications, but I would not say I'm an inventor and I have adapted lots of stuff.

Its a standing joke in our workshop that when ever we use a round back under the hammer its refered to as "the really cool tool for smoothing tapers under the hammer invented about 6 years ago by some bloke on IFI"

Good to see you young guys having a go though, wish I had the technology available to me all those years ago to document my work like you guys can now.




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What is the meaning of "hammermandel" I think that's jaw you said it. On the shoulders of the jaws. You said "now we draw the shoulders to what is called a ham-muh-maun-del"



I said "and now we draw out the corner to what is called a "Habermann bend". A Habermann bend is actually a very old and commonly used technique to make drawn out 90° corners. But Professor Alfred Habermann (a German-Czech master blacksmith) used it a lot and also proclaimed this technque a lot so it got that name over the time.




- Daniel

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