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I need some help...


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Hello all, 


I have recently decided to scrap my super cheap forge I rigged from an outdoor fireplace. I'm trying to get a medium sized forge that I will basically only use for forge welding since welding heats are far too difficult to attain in my propane forge. My shop is definitely permanently established so I decided I will make the forge out of bricks and mortar, since I have no access to a welder. Also, I'm trying to keep cost to a minimum since, well, money doesn't grow on trees for the hobby blacksmith. I have a few things I would greatly appreciate if ya'll could help me with them. 


First of all, what the heck am I supposed to use for a firepot/tuyere assembly? This one has really been stumping me. I don't want to use a brake drum really because it didn't work well for me last time I attempted to use it. Also, it's not quite deep enough for my purposes of wanting to forge weld a lot. Also, finding steel pipe above an inch in diameter that ISN'T galvanized is nearly impossible and I cherish my health so I won't be using that. Please let me know any means of obtaining a solid way of achieving this without the galvanized steel and a welder. Also, if it isn't possible for cheap either then let me know! It's part of the hobby I guess...


Secondly, I can't figure out what to use for a blower. I used to use a shop-vac and I felt like I needed to wear earplugs after extended use of it in my shop. It's loud and obnoxious. What means of achieving a strong enough airflow to forge weld do you guys recommend? 


I also have access to lots of firebricks and refractory cement just to let you know.


Thank you guys so much for any help you give. I greatly appreciate the time you take to read and/or reply to this. Also, please ignore any grammatical errors. I've been out of school for a few weeks now and my brain has transformed into summer mode...  :P


Thanks so much!



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The older ones only had brick for depth and you could rebuild it as necessary for larger items a deeper fire etc.  a flat plate with slots cut in it would serve well enough.  Clay pipe is another way to go.  As far as bellows go  A good one that I use right now is a blower from an oil furnace.  You could make a box bellows  I enjoy mine.  Or a great bellows.  I have heard a hair dryer works well to.  

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Keep your eye out for a real fire pot bottom blast or build a side blast.  If I had to do it all over I would build a side draft.  That way I could use coal, coke or charcoal.  A furnice blower is what you want for electric but I swear by a good hand crank and love a bellows.  With a side blast you don't need an iron fire pot.  Check out plans on this site. 

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Another fairly cheap blower is a bathroom ceiling fan and its not that load

I used one for almost a year and it never quit on me. Worked really well, I only stopped using it because I got a hand crank blower. And people worry too much about the galvanized pipe, I've got it in my forge and it never even gets hot. Just put a little space between it and the bottom of your fire pot with some concrete or brick and it'll be fine.

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Hi Guys, i have just built my forge and i am also stumped on the Tue iron and bosh assembly. the forge will be "Side blown".  i was going to weld a watertight box on the end of my "fire box" then weld a 32mm pipe inside (so you can see through the bosh into the fire box). through this pipe i was going to push a 25mm pipe which will carry the air to the coke.


what do you think? will there be enough air through the 25mm steel pipe?

will the end get too hot and melt?


your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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Visit resale shops and look at hair driers kind of noisy but its a really cheap blower....


Other  solution is visit HVAC shop and try to talk to boys in back... Might have small blower out of heater thet might work.... I also found a nice little blower on back of a dishwasher that was in junk pile....


25mm is only about 1 inch... its pretty small.... You want volume but not much pressure... As size goes down, pressure has to go up to move same volume.... In my mind bigger tube is better....



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