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Pritchel hole tools

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Hey everyone,

I have gotten myself an 'proper' anvil and I'm in the process of attaching it to my stand (stump). Now I have a couple chisels and such but I feel that a 'proper' hot cut might be a really big help as I am cutting small rods most of the time.
So here is the thing, I don't have the skill or materials to make a proper sized hardie hole cut off yet, so in stead I was thinking that I could use some coil spring that I have and make a small cut off sort of like a mini version of the hardie tool version.

To do this I would taper it down, put it into the Pritchel hole and create the shoulders and then shape it into a sort of Brian brazeal looking cut off, as from what I'm seen they cut metal amazingly.

So is there anything that would stop me from doing this? I can't see anything wrong with it but I thought that I should get some more experienced advise.

I'd only use this on small stuff and then make a bigger one as I get better.


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A couple of the smithes have also forged what is esencialy a peice of truck spring to fit diagonally in the hardy hole. Start with a peice wide enuch to shoulder, the profile the citing edge.
One of the foreign extension services teaches smiths to build hot and cold sets in a similar maner, taper the nerrow sides on one end to form a striking surface, fuller the same sides to form a waist to rap 1/4" rod around to form a handle and profile the cutting edge on the other end.

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Thanks guys for the quick replies.

Thank you for the link John, and the picture. I was a bit lazy and didn't do a background search for this, so thank you the information is very helpful. It is exactly what I was thinking, although I doubt mine will turn out as well as the picture :)

Thanks Charles as well, that is another thing that I probably would have asked about in the future so thank you.

Thanks again

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