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I Forge Iron

Hi IFI.. All the way from Birmingham U.K.....


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Hello Everyone...

 I've just started getting intrested in Forging, Metalwork...etc..!

It started by making a handle for  my Machete (from wood). So i brought  a dremmel and tried making a knife  :wacko:  (Hard work and what a mess).

I've purchased a Bench Grinder and some files and I'm getting there. I've learned a little how to heat treat old files to make them more workable.. Carn't wait to build my own Forge and get started. As i've just been using hot embers to try and harden it back up to keep an edge..!

I'm really glad I found this site as i have ALOT to learn. And it looks like this is the place to be...!!!!!!


I also aim to contribute when i have enough knowledge..


Akitta  :ph34r:

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hi akitta - a fellow briton :)  i will now direct you to uk blacksmiths guild, you can find john b on here, their courses are good and good value, and all the stuff you'll find on here as well is quite amazing. all sorts.   :ph34r:

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welcome aboard Akitta, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in your header we won't have to keep asking. There are a lot of folk here on your side of the pond but they need to know you're there.


Hook up with a knowledgeable smith, you'll learn more by the hour than you will in days or weeks teaching yourself. I know, done both.


Frosty The Lucky.

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