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Hallo to all of you,


This is a knife I made to test my skills a couple of years ago. Yes, I wasn't be able to forge yet so I'd like to share my old knives... Knifemakers always say that the most difficult fixed blade to build is a sub hilt, so, I tried making one even if I totally dislike those type of knives as they are intended as "fighters" (bleah).

I want to make clear that knives, to me, are tools, the most ancient ones and I have a lot of respect for these "friends" that take us company until the first man was born.


Said that, the knife: 16 cm, 6 mm thick, 5 bars composite damascus. Handle: hilt, sub hil, and butt cap twisted damascus 1070+iron, mirror polished, vulcanized fiber spacers, erica arborea handle (the wood used to make pipes), pommel wrought Iron. OAL 28 cm


The difficult part was that the whole knife had to be finished before assembling because otherwise I wouldn't be able to etch the damascus without ruining the wood...


I hope youl'' enjoy it!!








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 Beautifully executed. Not being a stringently a "knifemaker", can somoen enlighten me on why the term "sub hilt" is used?  

Hi, the term "sub hilt" is used on those knives which have two hilts. The first one is the main hilt, the second (the sub hilt) is used to grip the knife better.
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