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Help with a South Bend Milling Machine

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I just fitted up an old leather belt that I wasn't using anymore. Overlapped it by 3", filleted it and used good'ol Elmer's glue to fasten the fillets together. Worked like a champ. That is what the original Southbend manual calls for as well.


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Timing belts, like what is used on automotive engines, are measured by the pitch (the distance of one complete tooth, high and low. ie 3/8", 1/2" etc.), the width of the belt and the length of the belt. Any supplier of belts has the catalog so it is easy to order one. Quite often different suppliers will print their size and logo on the belt.



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I can't quite read the belt number and it is an eighth inch to short in width and we were not sure if it was the correct length to start with. I will check the pitch and get it to a dealer that can help with determining the lentgh. Thank you for the help.

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