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I Forge Iron

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Good -insert time of day- to you all! I thought I would share with you how my shop is developing. 


I have been home for a few weeks now working with a Uni projekt of mine (sculptural experiment of movement and directions, with the horse as the object) which requires me to have a proper working area where I can fiddle about all day long in practical comfort. 


As you can see on the picture below this is not a very nice working environment for fiddeling.



What I was in need of was a shop where I had relative warmt and comfort with a proper workbench and shelter from the wind which very prevalent.


.... So thats what I did! 


I started with putting inn doors. Pretty simple construction, all material laying around in the garage.






The view into the dungeon :F





Workbench area. Also made pretty much of recycled material, the colourful shelfsystem on the right is something I´ve hade laying around from when I was 10 :P





Next to this the forgingstation. With a gasburner and a normal solid fuel forge. With a metal sheet on eather side for protecting the workbench and gasser. 





I have had a bit of a problem getting good storing solutions, but after scrounging on the attic I found an old shelf and a solid woodboard which resultet I a storage table with storingpossibilities underneath (Its where I have my rough stock, not visible because of the shadows). Oh, and allso a pin board! :P





Rotating 180 we come to the main view of the shop. My anvil "Gertrud". As you can see My hammer system Is not optimal (Will make a little rack for it soon along the wall. Behind the anvil I got my coat hangers etc.Also made of findings from the attic. :F  And a fire extinguisher (because its stupid not to). 




And a pic of the floor. Not too pretty, but It keeps my feet warm. Its sand with plywood boards etc on top. Works great and is a saver on the feet! 




Well, thats it! This is how I made my little ca. 3x3 shop into a three room workshop :P 

I hope you find this interesting. If not, try to find out see if you can see the cat and where I store my lunch. xD


Thank you for your attention and have a wonderful day! 



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He looks like my cat

It´s actually just someone elses cat who has been hanging around the last week or so. Does your cat have a private plain? :P

Oh, and thank you!

Btw. Couldn´t help but notice you use "Der Vulcanschmiede". Is there a reason for it being written like that?

Cause normally it´s written "Der Vulcanschmied" - "The vulcanosmith" or "Die Vulcanschmiede" - "The vulcanosmithy". Cause Der Schmiede is used more in sentences like. "Die Wärme komt von der Vulcanschmiede" - "The heat comes from the vulcanosmithy".

  Just wanted to let you know :F

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I'd kill to have a 3'x3' space that I could leave my 'shop' set up in all the time.  Nice use of your space.

Im pretty happy about having my own little permanent shed yes. :P 


I have bad euro grammer, "Der" is also "the"

ay for masculin things, der Kenguru. But alas a smithy is feminin (our mistress ;)) :P 


You keep your lunch in the cat. Do I win something good?


Not a bad little space,plenty I'd say, you turn out some darned nice work.


Frosty The Lucky.

hahaha! You win frosty! Wasn´t the right answer, but we can always change that :P You win the lunch if you come pic it up... achwell, thanks for the laugh :P

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