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fabricating copper range hood


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I'm toying with the idea of fabricating my own copper range hood. I'll say up-front that I have no (zero-zilch-none) metalworking experience. I am a fairly skilled woodworker, for whatever that's worth, and I'd say i have good mechanical ability and a high capacity to learn.
Having said all of that, I admit again that I have no idea where to start, but I view this as an opportunity to expand my skills.
So, am i out of my mind? Please let me know if I'm nuts to tackle this. If not, please point me in the right direction (tips / advice / resources).
And yes, my wife thinks I'm nuts.

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Depends on how fancy you want to get. Of course, a plain flat piece is the simplest but it is relatively easy to buy a sheet of copper and cut out polygonal panels to make a radius, then bend and solder/rivet the seams. This can be done without a brake to make the bends (using angle iron clamped to a stout table) or you could have them fabbed at an HVAC or sheet metal shop to your plans then assemble at home.

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Not out of your mind at all. I have had projects on the go for years:rolleyes: I just patiently wait for that inspiration to get me over the current hurdle. Every now and then the little light bulb flashes over head and I can move on.

I'd get pen and paper and start drawing. Fair dinkum designers make lots of drawings and concept plans before they hand it over to the manufacturer with exact specifications etc (who then makes it work!). As a woodworker how would you go about making a chest of drawers for instance? I rest my case:)

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if you want the "hammered look" hammer *BEFORE* you cut your pieces out as they will change shape.

Most sheet metal instruction books will give you proper information on bend allowances, roping, etc

Note you will probbly need a steel frame for the hood and I would suggest going stainless. Will you be polishing it all the time or will your wife? if you plan to patina it do it OUTSIDE as chemicals and kitchens don't mix well.

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