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I Forge Iron

My resignation to black smithing.

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You can't win if you get into a war with a neighbor.  I smithed for 15 years in inner city Columbus OH, 100 year old house, brick streets NARROW lots.  I lucked out. One retired neighbor had grown up in Pittsburgh and the smell of coal smoke reminded her of her childhood---she would have liked me to forge more.  The other side was a rental and as owners of our own property we had more pull than the transient tenants.  Behind us was a small sign shop who wasn't there out of hours when I got to smith.


I did have an unknown neighbor who 3 or 4 times called the fire department on me; however  by sheer luck each time I was not forging but cooking with our smoker---a protected use of fire by homeowners!  After the last time the large firetruck wedged itself down the narrow alley only to find me cooking salmon I heard under the table that this person was told there would be a $1200 fine for filing a false alarm---no further problems!


In the same city, a different part, a student ran into similar problems and was told by the code enforcement that he needed to get a burning permit  10 business days before each time and pay $25 per incident...

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stuarthesmith, I would do this. but then again I don't care if my neighbors are happy or not. they don't have anyway to control what I do or when I do it. they have called the cops many times when I am out shooting, and the cops always come by ask how i'm doing and see which guns I have out this time...but they never tell me to stop shooting. so if guns are not tool loud and obnoxious then my forge cant be any worse.

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Ben Franklin's advice would be to ask her for a favor. Even something small or trivial. Maybe she has something in or around her house you would love to make a recreation of? Or maybe she knows a blacksmith or farrier who she could put you in touch with.

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