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Hey everyone. I am working on putting together a list of formulas, concoctions, finishes, fluxes, etches etc. for our next newsletter over here at the Blacksmith Guild of Virginia. I am trying to compile a BIG list of what smiths are using. Everything from the ordinary flat black paint and borax to the exotic and wild home-made concoctions.

If you would like to share your personal formulas for our newsletter I will publish it with your name attached if used. I think also it would make a great Quick Reference post here on IFI.

Thanks for your help

I will only use your contribution if you have given me permission too...

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Lets just say I'm not willing to bet my house, car and shop on whether a bunch of people I don't know will do something stupid and then be forced by their insurance companies to sue me---my insurance at the last place I worked had a clause that required me to sue any third party if they were anyway involved in an activity producing a claim. Better check yours!

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I'm sorry i didn't see this earlier. I would like to have seen some of the info. I do see Thomas' point however. I don't really have any "secret" formulas but some of my "methods" that work for me may seem unorthodox or even dangerous to others and if I was to offer one that I have been using successfully, but through some mis-interpretation another person gets hurt when they try it, then there will be at least two unhappy people.
Don't get me wrong. I'm all for sharing of information. After all, thats what this forum is about. Speaking for myself, I'd be lost without this place :) But we should all use a bit of discretion. At least here we are protected, to some degree, by posted disclaimers. (I think!?!) On the other hand if I copy someones idea, even with their permission, and I neglect to copy their disclaimer, the receiver may have recourse if they miss-used the information and get injured. Unfortunately, we live in a disgustingly suite happy society, where the solution to one persons stupidity is to destroy the lively hood of another. Just my 2 cents. (Dodge slides soapbox back under desk for future use ;))

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GRabs soapbox and jumps on the bandwagon.
I cringe when folks give ideas on home built gassers and or tips on cutting into tanks that have held flammables. I built a gasser for doing damascus and it works really well. It is my own design and there are many folks that could just look at it and build a working one of their own. But It is also likely that someone could make a forge that would be unsafe at any speed.
There are many formulas that could have been shared that would not leave the safety window open for misuse. I am sorry that I did not send you something. Gives Scott his soap box back.

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To fat,tired and under-educated to stand on the soap box so I'll just sit and type a moment. I don't really know any magic potions to share nor nothing too much to sue for but Peyton if you ever ask for something I feel I can contribute to I sure will. Didn't mean to make you feel left out in the cold. I just don't know much more than bee's wax, Krylon and vegetable oil.

Once again sorry,


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