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Real Celtic sword for you to pattern..

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Hi guys..


I've spent the last 3 months searching for a definiative answer to my sword riddle..


After much discussion with the Victoria and Albert museum Metal department, it seems by shear fluke that i have managed to 

un-earth a real Celtic Sword in the best condition they have ever seen with my metal detector.


i collect swords anyway so as you can imagine i was W***ing when i found this regardless of what it was.


The sword is 550mm long to the tang crank and weighs 776 grams or .76 kg, so fairly short and light


This sword is so amazing to hold and nearly 2313 years old, yet due to being coated in silver it has survived in such amazing condition, it even still has design and pigment on it. (apparently painted after stamping)


The silver coating is around 2mm thick, and the tang has quite a bit of bronze content, the core of the sword is good old iron, but somehow they achieved an amazing sword.


It would seem that the maker covered the sword in design by using stamps that cleverly fitted together to make a Celtic design that covered the whole sword both sides, the majority of this has gone yet a few marks remain that allowed the museum to make this assumption.

I can tell you now, that the design had parts to it that were smaller than 1mm yet consisted of multiple lines and designs within it. a true skill that i fear is lost in that respect.


i wanted to show you guys the sword so you can learn of it, pattern it, and maybe one day replicate it.


i would also be interested in commisioning someone to do this at some stage, but not quite yet, i would have to save considerably to do so.


I've added some pictures and the last pic is what ive found on the sword to show the level of detail..(enlightened by me in photoshop) to make it clearer to see, the museum wouldnt except that it was alexander the great (Celts made a treaty with him during his reign) it even has an egyption ruler where his heart would be if you look close..this design is less than 3mm in length!! quite remarkable





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Welcome aboard Shaun, glad to have you. If you'll put your general locatin in your header you might be pleasantly surprised at how many pf the IFI gang live within visiting distance.


What a fund that is! This and some other recent finds make me want to move across the pond and buy a metal detector. sure you can find things, valuable things here but not a couple thousand year old things.


Frosty The Lucky.

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you found it do you get to keep it ?,

I'm wondering this as well. Around here, "finders keepers" doesn't apply to anything considered to be "archaeology"...

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