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(Lathe parts) Anybody willing to help?


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Hi all,

I am looking for someone in the Portland ORegon area that casts gray iron. I have a Pratt and Whitney metal lathe that has only one backplate to mount chucks to the spindle with and I need more. The lathe has a larger than common thread on the spindle that prevents me frrom buying a partially finished blank from the common suppliers. Most blanks go up to a 2inch mounting thread and mine requires a 3inch thread. I have contacted a recommended 1 off foundry and after a bunch of time getting ignored The price of three blanks was pushing the price I paid for the lathe to start with. After looking online and asking all my sources here I have pretty much decided I am going to have to do it myself. Then I landed here. This looks like my last best collection of sources and resources. In the past I was a member of portland tech shop which is a collection of Do it yourselfers that com togehter and pool machines, knowlege, time, experience and commeraderie. You paid a monthly membership fee and could use the equipment after qualifying, just like a gym membership. Anyway on the back dock there was a foundry setup and a pattern making shop. At the time it didn't strike me so I didn't  seek out info on the owner/operator. Tech shop has since gone bankrupt and out of business, so I know there is someone in the area that casts. I am asking for help locating anyone in this area that would be interested in working with me in ANY capacity in regards to getting me a couple of blanks. (trade, buy, barter, help with process) Thanks in advance for all your responses and leads.




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First off, what is the thread size?  You said 3 inch but you didn't say how many threads per inch.  You didn't say what the length of the threads are.  You didn't say what the diameter of the chuck you want to mount is. 


You don't need a foundry to make back plates if you have a thread cutting lathe and you know how to use it.  You can turn them out of mild steel.  Post some specs and I'm sure there are a few people that will offer to make them for you.

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You might try the following two groups.  I'm not sure of the age of your lathe but Vintage Machinery deals with the older stuff, mostly woodworking but parts suppliers or casting shops may be common to metal working as well.  Practical Machinist has lots of brand specific lathe forums as well as general parts finding forums.  I've belonged to both groups for a while and found them helpful on several occasions and their focus is more towards machinery rather than blacksmithing.





Good luck finding what you need.

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