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Hey guys. I'm a newbie, but I'm pretty lucky so far


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Hey everybody. I'm a relatively new smith in the Northern VA area. I've had some pretty good beginners luck so far, I made two pretty decent gates and also a spear I made out of rebar just for giggles. 


I'm still pretty new though, I just watch a lot of youtube videos and take careful notes, so any and all advice is welcome. 


If anyone in my area is up for playing mentor, I'd love to hear from ya, just leave me a message or something. 


I got into smithing because I've always like swords, and metal, and well fire. I've been interested in it for ages but I've only just now decided to jump into it. 


Well, I'm going to go look around the forums a bit. But it's been fun saying hi.

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Contact these groups and attend the meeting. 

Blacksmith Guild of Virginia
Blacksmiths' Guild of the Potomac - BGOP
Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild
Furnace Town Hertiage Museum
Old Dominion Blacksmith Association - ODBSA Tidewater Blacksmiths Guild
Shenandoah Valley Blacksmith Guild
Tidewater Blacksmith's Guild




This will get you started in making knives, Swords are an advanced studies project.

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