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Keep that one around as he is most likely dinning on the mice in and around the shop. Might be a good time to tell the neighbor that keeps borrowing your tools that you know the snake is in the shop and to leave it alone. Your tools may not return but I doubt he will borrow any more of them for a while. :)

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Yeah, I leave the blacksnakes alone. They don't hurt anybody.They do startle me a little when I run on to them unexpected though.
Our local wildlife biologist says 'if you get rid of all the harmless snakes, you just make more room(habitat) for the poisonous ones.'
The neighbors know about the snakes........come to think of it.....I haven't had any human visitors to my shop for quite a while!

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I was busy havin a good time in my forge, and all of a sudden I heard a strange noise, turned around and.... my harem had joined me, first time!! My shop is a bit trashed cause I'm in the middle of a fireplace set. My pets feed me breakfast!!

leave a bottle of BBQ sauce or a old bucket from KFC they will stay out of there...
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Dustbath on a dirt floor; they'll probably make it a habit.

Besides the blackwidows and the stray tarantulas I've had lizards and humming birds, had a nice snake or two outside the forge but they haven't come in yet.

Come fall mice move inside weather I was thinking of putting the cat inside each night with praise and treats for every mouse brought to me as evidence...

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