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Advice for Buffalo forge blower?


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So I have this guy selling a motor powered blower very close to where I live. I'm just wondering if it's worth 150 dollars or if it's too much. I just don't ever see any of these around where I live so it's a rare occasion. And I have nothing to use yet other than a shop vac with a brake drum(I know it's pathetic)



I translated the ad for you guys.




Nice Big blower. 

Buffalo Forge.

For whatever usage, cooling something, machine or other

power a forge fire, or or or...

New motor 1/3  110/220 volts, very rare, very inexpensive at this price.


I tried with a big pipe in my fireplace passing the air into the fire,,, too strong.



So if you have any advice I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

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Picked it up today. Really nice guy. Also got a nice little squirrel cage blower along with the big one. The guy started telling me his story and a bunch of old jokes. He said he used to be a welder in his youth. Now he's retired so he gave me his old leather apron as a gift.


Only things I'll have to work on.


1- make a circuit regulator to give in an adjustable speed for the motor(right now it's only one speed which is really too strong)

2- Open her up to clean her. But it has a piece of pipe brazed on the outtake. I'll have to cute that off before I can open her.


all in all great experience. :)

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I drive a truck for a living and stopped at a truck stop everyday while I was on the run. Anyway, There were always some regular ole timers having coffee every morning. Other than the occasional "howdy" We didn't talk much. One stop I said with all the hot air blowing from that table one of them must know where I could find a forge blower. After a minute of silence one of the fellas gave me a number to call.


I made arrangements and I visited a Smith to get a blower. He had three with electric motors laid out when I got there. $100 each. Although. I wanted a hand crank, which he dug out of the barn along with two tong and about 20 pounds of round stock a tour of his shop for $160.00 I owe the guys a round of coffee next time.


I don't know the value of the blower and extras; but, the right people are priceless.

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You don't need to or maybe even want to add a motor speed controller when a simple choke valve on the intake side will do. If and this is a BIG IF, the blower motor is NOT cooled by the air flow from or through the blower itself.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Don't try to regulate the speed on the blower.  the moter will heat up and puke.  Put in a blast gate to regulate the air flow.  You will be much happier. 

Great buy.  I prefer a hand crank but the old electric blowers were maded for forges using coke as the fire would die without some air flow, hench the blast gate.  it will work great with coal.

Good luck and have fun.

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